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By Zach Sturman ’12 — 9/18/2014
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 9/18/2014
By Staff Report — 9/18/2014

Last February, beakers and flasks spilled out of shelves and tumbled off lab benches, resulting in the cancellation of the popular Gelb Dance this year.

The vibrations from loud music, as well as the stomping and dancing of students, broke chemistry glassware in the labs.


By Staff Report — 9/19/2014

After receiving input from students, faculty and alumni, the strategic plan made its way from a stack of white papers, surveys and meetings to a formal draft. On Thursday, 90 percent of Andover...

By Cassie Chin — 9/19/2014

With three goals to his name coming into his third season, Brandon Girard ’16 fully exploited the left flank as he doubled his Andover career goal tally with a hat-trick in the season-opening win...

By Claire Tao — 9/19/2014

Bored? Looking for laughs? Trying to put off your work for another 20 minutes? Then “Yik Yak” might seem like the app for you. Rapidly gaining momentum since its release in 2013, the social media...

By Sharan Gill — 9/19/2014

A man travels slowly down a dirt path under a murky, blue-grey sky in Dwight Tryon’s 1883 oil painting “Views of South Dartmouth.” Surrounded by a meadow of faded green grass, the man is...

By Features Staff CXXXVII — 9/19/2014

Pony Rides

It was the perfect fall night.  You arrived at the Fall Carnival with one goal: to get your behind upon a magnificent steed...

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