Shin-Jae Lee ’13 and Melissa Wattana ’12 sealed a victory for Andover Golf against Tabor on Saturday, winning the final two matches of the day in an impressive fashion.

With the score tied at 4.5 going into these two matches, the wins by seventh seeded Lee and eighth seeded Wattana gained Andover its final three points, giving the team a 7.5-4.5 win.

“To be honest, I really didn’t know how much depended on my match,” said Lee. “I won with a couple of holes left to play, but all sorts of stuff pop into your head when you’re out there, so I guess you could say I was pretty nervous.”

Lee won his matchup up two holes with one left to play. Wattana, in her Andover debut, also played tremendously en route to winning her matchup up four holes with two left to play.

Earlier in the day, Co-captain Chris Kerrigan ’11 and John Perkins ’13 played together as the #3 and #4 seeds respectively. Kerrigan won his individual matchup, as he was up four holes with two left to play, but Perkins did not play his best golf and lost his match, as he was down five holes with four left to play.

Charlie Pecora ’12 and newcomer Evan Kudlinski ’13 were grouped as the #5 and #6 seeds. Although Kudlinski did not win his individual matchup, he still had a very impressive Andover debut that resulted in a tie. Pecora impressed with his victory as he was up three holes with two left to play.

Co-captain Ben Ho ’11 and Kavan Kanekeratne ’14 played as the #1 and #2 seeds respectively. Kanekeratne amazed in his Andover debut as he played consistent golf and dominated his match, which ended with him up by six holes with only four remaining.

“Kavan played a solid match last Saturday,” said Ho. “He showed his potential to become a phenomenal competitive golfer and kept himself composed throughout the match. With more match experience, he will definitely continue to improve.”

Ho got off to a fantastic start himself, up two holes through the first eight, but faltered at the end and lost the match down two holes with only one remaining.

The Tabor match was a great start to Andover’s season as their new additions played tremendously well, as did a couple of their returners.

“I have high hopes for this season with such talented young players,” said Kerrigan. “I think we really have a shot at taking down Exeter and Deerfield, which both served as challenges in the past.”

Andover’s matchup against Exeter and Governor’s was postponed due to the weather conditions this past Wednesday.