Artist Jackie Saccoccio will come to Andover from Monday, February 13 through Wednesday, February 15 to do an India ink wall drawing at the wall by the conjunct area between the Museum Learning Center (MLC) and the Elson Art Center.

Saccoccio is a painter based in Connecticut and New York and has exhibited many of her large-scale abstract paintings and wall drawings in the United States and Europe.

She currently has artwork on display at the Addison Gallery as part of the “Open Windows” exhibit, guest curated by Carroll Dunham ’67.

Saccoccio will begin her wall drawing on Monday.

On Tuesday, she will continue her work on the drawing and will also meet with a few art classes, during the course of which students will have the opportunity to ask her questions.

Saccoccio plans to finish her drawing on Wednesday; however, this plan depends on the progress of her work during the first two days.

Saccoccio said, of her wall paintings, “I started doing [wall drawings] about seven years ago, and they were kind of a way for me to escape from the heavy layering of paintings.”

“I thought [wall drawing] would be a great way to take a break from my painting and also respond to the architecture, so I set a rule for myself with the wall drawings, that no lines can overlap one another, and I do them in ink.”

“Usually whereas [my paintings] are very abstract to me, the wall drawings, even though they …. look abstract, are actually based on these small rocks that I’ve collected mostly in France–limestones with a lot of pockmarks–so they [the rocks] all have these very interesting shapes, and I just try to draw them, but not concentrate on proportion so they don’t actually look like rocks; they just look like rhythm,” continued Saccoccio.

Saccoccio welcomes people to stop by her working area during the three days of production to see her work on the wall drawing.

Julie Bernson, Curator of Education at the Addison, said in an e-mail to the The Phillipian, “I think that students who see her working will be intrigued and will have the opportunity to chat with her.”

Saccoccio’s wall drawing will be on display through Spring Term.