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By Claire Tao — 9/18/2014

Bored? Looking for laughs? Trying to put off your work for another 20 minutes? Then “Yik Yak” might seem like the app for you. Rapidly gaining momentum since its release in 2013, the social media platform champions its users’ anonymity, allowing its “yakkers” to broadcast their innermost...

By Cem Vardar — 9/19/2014
A new academic year may mean a fresh start with new attitudes, resolutions and opportunities down the road. Anyone who was at last week’s Club Rally would have recognized the madness involved in the...
By Frank Geng — 9/19/2014
In last week’s Massachusetts primaries, New England residents were reminded of the merits of the democratic system when underdog Seth Moulton ’97 became Massachusetts’s Sixth Congressional District’s...
By Chaya Holch — 9/19/2014
Last spring, Andover ended its two-century-long relationship with the Andover Bookstore, instead choosing Follett, an online distributor of textbooks and other educational materials, as its main...
By Mihika Sridhar — 6/8/2014
By Sharon Zhang — 6/8/2014
By Alex-Maree Roberts — 6/8/2014
By Cem Vardar — 9/12/2014
One of the most vivid memories that I have of first setting foot on Andover’s campus is the image of the uncompromising, obelisk-like bell tower that rose in the distance with a blue timepiece on top...
By Tyler Lian — 9/12/2014
The campus transformed into a combat zone overnight on May 25: Andover woke up to find scathing flyers plastered on almost every presentable surface and scattered on Paresky Commons tables, sporting...
By Alessa Cross — 9/12/2014
A greater effort is needed from both students and faculty in tackling contentious issues on campus with the discretion and thoughtfulness they deserve. Diversity is not a clean and effortless idea; “...
By Janani Hariharan — 6/8/2014
By Emma Kahn — 6/8/2014
By Harshita Gaba — 6/8/2014

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