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By Ashley Scott — 12/11/2014

I was born in Charlottesville, VA., in 1998. I grew up in an integrated, but largely white neighborhood in Norfolk, VA. I have a younger brother in eighth grade and a younger sister in seventh. Both of my parents are lawyers.

This past Friday, I attended the forum on Ferguson, which was...

By Sewon Park — 12/12/2014
On Friday night, Kemper Auditorium overflowed with students participating in a community forum held in light of the recent verdicts not to indict the police officers involved in both Michael Brown...
By Leah Adelman — 12/12/2014
Every holiday season, Christmas lights and mistletoe wreaths magically appear, strung up over doorways and enlivening usually bland hallways all across campus. Despite its Christian roots, Christmas...
By Emily Sanchez — 12/12/2014
On July 17, 2014, Officer Daniel Pantaleo strangled Eric Garner, an unarmed black man, in Staten Island, NY. On August 9, 2014, Officer Darren Wilson shot and killed Michael Brown, an unarmed black...
By Chaya Holch — 11/7/2014
By Emily Sanchez — 11/7/2014
By Alex-Maree Roberts — 10/31/2014
By Karissa Kang — 11/14/2014
Perhaps the most common question I am asked is whether I’m a girl or a boy. I’m so accustomed to the question that my response has become automatic. Before coming to Andover, my sole reason for...
By Emma Kukielski — 11/14/2014
It’s that time of the year again: in the last few days of class, we fill out course evaluation surveys. This Wednesday, when taking the survey in my first-period computer science class, I was...
By Nancy Kim — 11/14/2014
Last week, Andover Boys Hockey Assistant Coach Matthew Hession, formally announced that female students would no longer be allowed to manage Boys Varsity Hockey. The Athletic Department believes that...
By Adrienne Zheng — 10/31/2014
By Isabel Tejera-Sindell — 10/31/2014
By Nancy Kim — 10/24/2014

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