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By Sewon Park — 4/10/2014

When I was applying to Andover in October 2012, I briefly went to an SSAT prep program in Hong Kong. After taking the test and scoring in the overall 98th percentile, my SSAT tutor advised me not to specify my race in my application to Andover. Because I scored “only” in the 98th percentile, if...


By Sewon Park — 4/11/2014
By David Shin — 4/11/2014
By Avery Jonas — 4/11/2014
By Alessa Cross — 4/11/2014
By Avery Jonas — 4/4/2014
By Henry Curtis — 4/4/2014


By Isabella Haegg — 4/11/2014
Be the next Roger Federer or Serena Williams with these tennis tips from Andover Girls Varsity Tennis. Lara Danovitch ’16 demonstrates proper tennis techniques, which are accompanied by in-depth...
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 3/28/2014
On Wednesday at All-School Meeting, the co-presidential candidates participated in a forum in front of the student body. In their last opportunity to convince the students of their eligibility, the...

Letters to the Editor

By Zainab Aina '14, et al. — 4/11/2014
By Tony Rotundo, et al. — 4/4/2014
By Sydney Adams ’14, et al. — 4/4/2014
By Janine Ko '14, et al. — 3/28/2014