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By Staff Report — 10/16/2014

Stepping Out of the Gender Binary with Alex Myers

The first openly transgender student at Phillips Exeter Academy and Harvard College, Alex Myers PEA ’96 kicked off GSA weekend with his keynote speech titled “My Queer Life: On Being Transgender (and an Exeter Graduate).”



Jaleel Williams ’15 and Alexia Nutting ’18 march in the LGBTQ pride parade last Saturday night.

By Phoebe Gould — 10/17/2014
Created early last Spring, the Sisterhood is a campus group that offers underrepresented women of color mentorship, along with the opportunity to discuss and explore their experiences at Andover. “[...
By Bennett Michaels — 10/17/2014
Arriving at Andover last year as new Uppers, Keton Kakkar ’15 and Paulina Munn ’15 faced a new environment filled with challenges they did not encounter at their previous schools. Acknowledging the...
By Roshan Benefo — 10/17/2014
The new Post-Graduate Support Program, conceived last spring through an Abbot Association Grant written by Lisa Joel, Senior Associate Dean of Admission, aims to help Post-Graduate students...
By Margot Steiner — 10/17/2014
By Erica Shin — 10/17/2014
By Roshan Benefo — 10/17/2014
Through regular coffee, lunch and dinner dates, the mentors and mentees of the Girls Leadership Project (GLP) can be seen engaging in friendly, encouraging discussions ranging from daily life at...
By Erica Shin — 10/17/2014
Outliers Book Club, an affinity group for Andover students on full financial aid, gets its name from the book “Outliers: The Story of Success” by Malcolm Gladwell, which members of the club receive...
By Austin Tuan — 10/17/2014
The Brotherhood is a group on campus that supports underrepresented male students of color, including African-Americans and Hispanics, on campus. The group meets several times a term. During the...
By Staff Report — 10/17/2014
By Bennett Michaels — 10/17/2014

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