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By Haley Suh — 10/23/2014

Linda Carter Griffith, the current Dean of Community and Multicultural Development (CAMD), was named the new Assistant Head of School for Equity and Inclusion on Tuesday. The new position, which Griffith will assume on July 1, 2015, was created to fulfill the goals set forth in the 2014...

By Bennett Michaels, Roshan Benefo, Erica Shin, Haley Suh — 10/24/2014
Hindu Student Union By BENNETT MICHAELS In addition to celebrating the Hindu festivals of Diwali and Holi on campus, Hindu Student Union (HSU) provides support to Indian students on campus, even if...
By Haley Suh — 10/24/2014
As a young girl, Rosetta Eun Ryong Lee tried hard to suppress her Asian culture in order to assimilate into the culture of her predominately white community. During her speech at Wednesday’s All-...
By Roshan Benefo — 10/24/2014
The browned sheets of the Constitution of Phillips Academy, signed by Samuel Phillips Jr. and John Phillips in 1778, declare that “the first and principal object of this Institution is the promotion...
By Staff Report — 10/24/2014
By Roshan Benefo — 10/17/2014
By Cindy Espinosa — 10/24/2014
Dr. Llana Barber, historian and author, stood before the audience in front of a large black and white photo depicting laughing, Latino youth holding a fake television camera. The faux camera, crafted...
By Staff Report — 10/24/2014
What prompted you to donate $15 million to the base grant for the Tang Institute? I think that [Andover has] worked a lot on the whole idea of access. The need-blind initiative, where we admit...
By Haley Suh — 10/24/2014
Following the lead of Graham House counselors, Reverend Anne Gardner, Director of Religious and Spiritual Life, will visit ninth-grade dorms in the next several weeks to inform Juniors of the various...
By Phoebe Gould — 10/17/2014
By Bennett Michaels — 10/17/2014
By Roshan Benefo — 10/17/2014

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