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By Sara Luzuriaga — 5/22/2014

With a repertoire ranging from folk to Latin-Jazz, Ali Decker ’14 and Alex Rubin ’14 told the story of lost love in a production of “The Last Five Years.”

Directed by Esther Cohen ’14, this Theater 901 production was about two artists who, over the course of five years, fall in and out of...

By Tiffany Bauman — 6/8/2014
No instruments? For the Yorkies, Andover’s all-male acapella group, it’s no problem. Famed for their heart-melting performances throughout the community, the Yorkies are well known as a small group...
By Tiffany Bauman — 6/8/2014
Every year, students don dresses and ties and fill the halls of the Addison Gallery of American Art to celebrate the launch of the Courant, Andover’s leading student-run literary and arts magazine,...
By Chloe Lee — 6/8/2014
Hypnotiq, Andover’s premiere hip-hop dance crew, focuses on telling stories through dance. “We’ve done stories from ‘Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’ to interpretations of urban street life. I think...
By Julia Boyd — 6/8/2014
By Julia Donovan — 6/8/2014
By Julia Donovan — 6/8/2014
By Michelle Koh — 6/8/2014
It’s hard to believe that the now successful and well-known acapella group, Keynotes, is only two years old. Created by Anna Stacy ’13 in her Lower year, Keynotes began as an informal group of...
By Scarla Pan — 6/8/2014
Before she came to Andover, Mayze Teitler ’14 saw her love for creative writing as a solitary, even isolating, pursuit. Yet through Andover’s writing community, she has discovered a new way to...
By Julia Donovan — 6/8/2014
“At the end of the day, even though our legs and feet are hurting and we’re at a two hour-long rehearsal or class, we’re still having an absolute blast,” said Lizzie McGonagle ’16, a proud member of...
By Sharan Gill — 6/8/2014
By Julia Boyd & Alexis Lefft — 6/8/2014
By Julia Donovan — 6/8/2014

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