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By Hannah Beaudoin — 10/16/2014

Singing the emotional lyrics of “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran and “Someone Like You” by Adele, Blake Campbell ’18 surprised audience members with her impressive vocal abilities as she cascaded between keys. Accompanied by David Onabanjo ’18 on the guitar, Campbell was one of many new voices at...

S. Ren/The Phillipian

Jacob Peffer ’17

By Kalina Ko — 10/17/2014
Surrounded by pastels, pencils and sketchpads in his art studio, Robert DeLaus ’16 reaches for white charcoal and a sheet of black paper to start working on a portrait of Walter White from the...
By Indiana Sobol — 10/17/2014
At the Boston Ballet Pre-Professional Program, Sabrina Appleby ’17 trained for 17 hours a week in ballet in the hopes of eventually dancing professionally with the Boston Ballet. Last year, Appleby...
By Serena Ren — 10/17/2014
Armed with stencils, colored pencils, scissors and glue, Hannah Hagemeyer ’15 ripped photos and words out of magazines to create a collage as part of the “A Phillips Academy Alphabet” activity at the...
By Alice Ballard-Rossiter — 10/10/2014
By Ben Del Vecchio Film & TV Columnist — 10/17/2014
Seventeen million people cannot all be wrong, right? Well, they can be. And they were. For two seasons. I am a part of a seemingly small minority which believed that Seasons Three and Four of AMC’s...
By Alice Tang — 10/17/2014
Striking a rapid succession of keys, acclaimed pianist Victor Rosenbaum played the opening notes of Ludwig van Beethoven’s Sonata No. 21 in C Major, Opus 53, also known as “Waldstein.” Slowing down...
By Kalina Ko — 10/10/2014
Each day, students channel their energy in the theater classroom to prepare and rehearse for DramaLabs, classes and other theatrical pursuits. The theater classroom, which has withstood ten years of...
By Ben Del Vecchio - Film & TV Columnist — 10/10/2014
By Hannah Beaudoin — 10/3/2014

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