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By Sara Luzuriaga — 9/11/2014

Through movement, music and fine arts, students conveyed themes of struggle and triumph in their performances of “Rhythms of Hope,” which they took to South Africa over the summer. Dancers executed choreography set to a blend of American and South African jazz music.

Erin Strong,...

By Sara Luzuriaga — 9/12/2014
“We long to reach our fingers out and feel the reverberations through the empty air of a heart that is not our own. We yearn enough to make the stars rush in towards us… ‘Blueshift’ is the yearning,...
By Sharan Gill — 9/12/2014
Both on-stage and in the snow, Haille McKenzie ’15 rocks a pair of beat-up black Converse sneakers that she has decorated continuously since she bought them in the sixth grade. An avid music...
By Ben Del Vecchio Film & Tv Columnist — 9/12/2014
The school year erupted with excitement as Blue Keys cheered, new students arrived and old friends rejoiced and reunited. The sun shined, the skies blued, the lawns greened… and then nighttime...
By Michelle Koh — 6/8/2014
By Tiffany Bauman — 6/8/2014
By Sharan Gill — 6/8/2014
By Sharan Gill — 9/12/2014
Clutching a glass in his hands and tilting his head slightly to the right, a man sits alone on the bed of a drably decorated room in William Eggleston’s 1978 photograph “Untitled (man on bed).” The...
By Tiffany Bauman — 6/8/2014
No instruments? For the Yorkies, Andover’s all-male acapella group, it’s no problem. Famed for their heart-melting performances throughout the community, the Yorkies are well known as a small group...
By Tiffany Bauman — 6/8/2014
Every year, students don dresses and ties and fill the halls of the Addison Gallery of American Art to celebrate the launch of the Courant, Andover’s leading student-run literary and arts magazine,...
By Sara Luzuriaga — 6/8/2014
By Julia Boyd — 6/8/2014
By Julia Donovan — 6/8/2014

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