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By Emily Graue — 10/23/2014

Whenever I think of Andover, my memories tend to be positive. I think of early mornings at America House and McDonalds; 3 a.m. photo shoots and “America’s Next Top Model”; skipping class to lawn or binge-watch “House of Cards”; the excessive amount of takeout I ate and television I watched in...

By Nancy Kim — 10/24/2014
On October 6, 2014, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted in favor of changing Columbus Day, which commemorates Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World, to Indigenous People’s Day. The...
By Dani Valverde — 10/24/2014
Andover. Lawrence. Two towns miles away, yet worlds apart. Or so we are inclined to believe. I am from Wisconsin, and so the disparity between the two towns was entirely new to me when I first heard...
By Emily Ndiokho — 10/24/2014
As the end of October approaches rapidly, anticipation for Halloween grows each day. Much like many people my age, I have always loved Halloween — the thrills and chills, haunting decorations, free...
By Zizo Bahnasy — 10/10/2014
By Gayathri Krishna — 10/10/2014
By Cem Vardar Phillipian Columnist — 10/10/2014
By Cecelia Vieira — 10/17/2014
After reading The Phillipian Commentary Section’s spread last week on mental illness at Andover, I was struck by the lack of voices from students new to Andover. Although the transition renders them...
By Meghan Tucker — 10/17/2014
One of Andover’s best attributes is also one of its most convoluted — the 120 student-run clubs and organizations. Each year, the club rally, held in Flagstaff Courtyard, is followed by an...
By Sharon Zhang — 10/17/2014
This year, Andover has already seen an increased focus on environmentalism and sustainability. New programs like the ECOs (Environmental Coordinating Officers), the Clutch Collaborative’s “Fall...
By Claire Tao — 10/3/2014
By Noble Ohakam — 10/3/2014
By Alex-Maree Roberts — 10/3/2014

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