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By Angela Hui — 10/30/2014

Editor’s Note: This article deals with a former student’s account of her eating disorder, and the language and/or content may be triggering to some individuals.

Author’s Note: Last week, I submitted a Letter to the Editor about my experiences with mental illness at Andover, which...

By Isabel Tejera-Sindell — 10/31/2014
I remember the day I first got to Andover. It was my 17th birthday, September 4, and the first time I had ever been so far from home without my parents. I remember the first day of English 301 with...
By Alex-Maree Roberts — 10/31/2014
Sitting in the audience at Grasshopper Night this past weekend, I was reminded that everyone at Andover has something that makes them exceptional. Perhaps this sounds like an Admissions Office cliché...
By Adrienne Zheng — 10/31/2014
Threatened with cancellation year after year, the Senior Superlatives have endured because of student willpower. Superlative supporters claim reasons such as “They’re fun. They’re harmless. Nobody’s...
By Meghan Tucker — 10/17/2014
By Sharon Zhang — 10/17/2014
By Cecelia Vieira — 10/17/2014
By Nancy Kim — 10/24/2014
On October 6, 2014, the Seattle City Council unanimously voted in favor of changing Columbus Day, which commemorates Christopher Columbus’s discovery of the New World, to Indigenous People’s Day. The...
By Emily Ndiokho — 10/24/2014
As the end of October approaches rapidly, anticipation for Halloween grows each day. Much like many people my age, I have always loved Halloween — the thrills and chills, haunting decorations, free...
By Dani Valverde — 10/24/2014
Andover. Lawrence. Two towns miles away, yet worlds apart. Or so we are inclined to believe. I am from Wisconsin, and so the disparity between the two towns was entirely new to me when I first heard...
By Zizo Bahnasy — 10/10/2014
By Gayathri Krishna — 10/10/2014
By Cem Vardar Phillipian Columnist — 10/10/2014

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