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By Payton Jancsy — 4/17/2014

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The sun is coming out, the grass is coming back and students of all ages are gradually migrating out to the lawn and descending into various states of (Blue Book appropriate, of course) undress. That’s right, this weekend has been the first this year in...

By Alisa Bhakta — 4/18/2014
As the student body emerges from one of the longest hibernations in Andover’s history, just about everyone is relieved to finally see the light. The Lowers, however, are not as relieved as the others...
By James Flynn — 4/18/2014
The beginning of their second Senior Spring has been a trying time for the Post-Graduates. Despite the fact that they were accepted into college and do not need to worry about their grades any...
By Payton Jancsy — 4/18/2014
It happened in the stir-fry line. There I was, waiting patiently, when the realization hit me: Upper Spring had finally arrived. Just as I considered this daunting fact, I approached the counter and...
By Julian Otis — 4/18/2014
With Senior Spring upon us, the eldest of upperclassmen now have the time to sit back and relax. Ah, there is nothing better than to lean back and feel the wooden contours of a library chair mold to...
By Phillipian Features Staff CXXXVII — 4/18/2014
10. Smile. 9. Laugh. 8. Lawn. 7. Frollick. 6. Spoon (in every sense of the word). 5. Zigzag on the grass. 4. Look at the grass. 3. Think about the grass. 2. Weed the grass. 1. Procrastinate.
By Phillipian Features Staff CXXXVII — 4/11/2014

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