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By Angela Hui — 10/23/2014
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 10/30/2014
By Staff Report — 10/30/2014

Amidst a current lice outbreak on campus, which first appeared two weeks ago, dorm-to-dorm sleepovers are no longer allowed and students are being advised to sleep in their own beds until the outbreak is over, according to a school wide email sent on Thursday.

Although lice had initially...

Rosalind Wiseman Lays Down Her “Rules of Hooking Up”
By Austin Tuan — 10/31/2014

After witnessing too many high school students lose their dignity in relationships, a 22-year-old Rosalind Wiseman started her own non-profit organization devoted to providing guidance for such...

Rejecting a Silent Torment
By Angela Hui — 10/31/2014

Editor’s Note: This article deals with a former student’s account of her eating disorder, and the language and/or content may be triggering to some individuals.

Andover Holds Strong in Final Quarter to Claim Second Win FOOTBALL
By Laura Bilal — 10/31/2014

Early in Andover Football’s game against Deerfield, Jack Belluche ’16 read the play of the Deerfield’s quarterback, stepped in front of the intended receiver and intercepted the ball.


Jack Belluche ’16 had two interceptions and one touchdown in Andover’s win.

Student Vocalists Shine In First Concert of the Year
By Morgan Kuin — 10/31/2014

In a rendition of the lively, operatic Italian piece “Libiamo ne’ Lieti Calici,” composed by Giuseppe Verdi, Nolan Crawford ’15 complemented the soprano voice of Michaela Barczak ’15 with his...

L. HAMANN/The Phillipian

Conducted by Christopher Walter, new members of the Fidelo Society make their debut performance.

Return of “The Grasshopper”
By Julia Lane — 10/24/2014

It’s that time of year, folks! Clean out the earwax that’s been lingering in there for so long (ran out of Q-tips?

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