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By Clark Perkins, Junius Williams and Luke Stidham — 5/28/2014
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 9/11/2014
Equipment Damage Leads to Cancellation
By Ryan Brigden — 9/17/2014

Last February, beakers and flasks spilled out of shelves and tumbled off of lab benches, resulting in the cancellation of the popular “Gelb Dance.”

Vibrations caused by the loud music and students jumping around led to the destruction of glassware in the chemistry stockroom and...

By Haley Suh — 9/12/2014

Instead of heading downtown to the Andover Bookstore to buy their textbooks before the start of school this year, students ordered their books online through Follett, a retail and wholesale...

By Andrew Zhang — 9/12/2014

Co-Captain Kinsey Yost ’15 found the net with a rocket from outside the box to score the first goal of the season and give Andover Girls Soccer a 1-0 lead over Milton in the 49th minute at home on...


Co-Captain Kinsey Yost ’15 celebrates her goal with Jeanine Moreau ’16 (left) and Deyana Marsh ’17 (right).

By Skylar-bree Takyi — 9/12/2014

Slowly, I began to hear my parents’ hushed whispers over the music blaring in my headphones. I turned down the volume just in time to hear my father say, “Yes, go get her.”

“Hi, Sky,” my...

By Sara Luzuriaga — 9/12/2014

Through movement, music and fine arts, students conveyed themes of struggle and triumph in their performances of “Rhythms of Hope,” which they took to South Africa over the summer. Dancers...

By Features Staff CXXXVII — 9/12/2014

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