Softball Outscores Opponents 52-4 to Claim Big East Title

Captain Ravenne Nasser ’15 smacked the ball over the right field fence in the second inning of Andover Softball’s Big East Championship game against Phillips Exeter Academy on Sunday. Nasser, the tournament’s MVP, led the charge as Andover went on an offensive spree to win the game 22-3.

“It was my Senior tournament and something that we’ve been building up to. [Head Coach Peter Drench] always makes it a pretty big deal, so I was definitely trying in the week before to get the mentality of helping the team out as much as I could. I ended up being able to do it,” said Nasser.

Nasser was an offensive and defensive force against Andover’s opponent, hitting a homerun each game and holding her batters to a mere six hits in her 12 innings on the mound. She struck out 18 and drove in 12 runs in four games.

The championship game marked the third meeting of Andover and Exeter this season. In its first game on Sunday, Andover beat Exeter 10-0 by the mercy rule.

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Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The Blue Book Diversity Glossary defines inclusiveness as: “A commitment to foster a climate that represents and values members of diverse social identity groups. Inclusive practices occur at the personal, cultural and institutional levels, creating a culture where all members feel they are welcome and belong.” If we are to accept inclusiveness – which Andover’s Strategic Plan emphasizes consistently under the pillar of “Equity and Inclusion” – as an ideal, then we must also acknowledge Andover’s failure to promote this ideal at an institutional and cultural level for all of its students.

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Allen Named Assistant Dean of Faculty

Yasmine Allen, Instructor and Chair in Spanish, will succeed Nancy Lang ’83 as the Assistant Dean of Faculty for the upcoming 2015-2016 school year.

As the Assistant Dean of Faculty, Allen will be working with various department chairs to evaluate teaching fellows and encourage curricular and professional development.

“I decided to take [this] new position because I thought it would be an excellent opportunity to work with different constituencies across campus,” wrote Allen in an email to The Phillipian.

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Racism: A Definition

“Do you think ‘reverse racism’ exists?” Two weeks ago, The Phillipian polled the Andover student body with a series of questions concerning academics, wellness and campus diversity, with this question included in the mix. The responses were split 50-50, with half of the respondents stating that they believed that reverse racism did exist. I was horrified. At a school like Andover, where we usually strive for social progress and political correctness, the alarming number of students who think “reverse racism” exists shows that our community still has a lot to learn.

In general, many students do not know what racism actually is, often using the word “racist” interchangeably with “prejudicial.” Racism is the promotion of a system of institutional oppression based on race. Thus, in order to be racist, you must have privilege, which in the United States is a societal advantage granted to whites.

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Cut the Competition

Last week’s Faculty Talent All-School Meeting (ASM) featured faculty performances that also included several students – an appropriate deviation from tradition given that the theme for this ASM was “Collaboration.”

Male faculty members sang “It’s Alright” with their group, The Dorkies, inviting Nate Redding ’16 to join them on the stage. Later, Carlos Hoyt, Associate Dean of Students for Personal and Community Education, brought Nurilys Cintron ’15 to the stage to sing “Thinking Out Loud” by Ed Sheeran alongside Peter Lorenco, Instructor in Music. Hoyt said he organized the faculty entertainment ASM to highlight the importance of collaboration, specifically collaboration between faculty and students.

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