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By Clark Perkins, Junius Williams and Luke Stidham — 5/28/2014
By Phillipian Editorial Board CXXXVII — 5/22/2014
By Haley Suh — 7/21/2014

After years of growing faculty frustration with the use of the current Blackboard platform, Canvas has been chosen to replace Blackboard as Andover's new Learning Management System (LMS).

For many classes, the switch to Canvas will occur when...

In light of recent room visitation policy changes, many students have been left wondering what improvements have been made to the sexual education curriculum at Andover since Head of School John...

Girls Water Polo
By Howard Johnson — 5/23/2014

The odds were stacked against third-seeded Andover Girls Water Polo as the team entered the New England Championships last weekend. In the semi-finals, Andover would square off against the second-...


Girls Water Polo defeated Hopkins in the Semifinals after losing 8-7 the previous Saturday.

By Henry DeRuff — 5/30/2014

A couple of weeks ago, Rev Gardner asked me to make introductory comments at the Baccalaureate Service. I was honored to have the opportunity and of course accepted. As it turns out, I cannot be...

By Sara Luzuriaga — 5/23/2014

With a repertoire ranging from folk to Latin-Jazz, Ali Decker ’14 and Alex Rubin ’14 told the story of lost love in a production of “The Last Five Years.”

Directed by Esther Cohen ’14, this...

By Phillipian Features Staff CXXXVII — 5/23/2014

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