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The White Carpet

By EMILY NDIOKHO   —   Thursday, February 19

Concerning Proposal A

By LILY GROSSBARD   —   Thursday, February 26

Reading Beyond the Headline

By CHAYA HOLCH   —   Thursday, February 26

Common Courtesy

By CEM VARDAR   —   Thursday, February 19


Silencing the Stigma



Precocious Junior Shares Insightful Study Tips with Appreciative Class

By CHARLIE MAYHEW   —   Friday, February 27

Announcing his desire to "get a head start" on exams so as to "succeed in all his classes," well-liked local boarding student Gustave Ducrest '18 shared with his classmates a range of preparation tricks for the upcoming week of finals.

Though-Provoking Material for an Enjoyable Spring Break

By ED ELSON   —   Friday, February 27

Almost there!

Top Ten: Things You'll Finally Have Time To Do Over Spring Break

By FEATURE'S STAFF   —   Friday, February 27

Top 10


GVSw: Ten First-Place Finishes Lift Girls Over Exeter

By LAURA BILAL   —   Friday, February 27

GVH: Three-Win Week Keeps Andover In Playoff Contention

By SAM ZAGER   —   Friday, February 27

BVH: Boys Total 14 Goals Over Three Game Win Streak

By STEPHAN MIN   —   Friday, February 27

BVSw: Boys Top Exeter in Final Meet

By ANDREW ZHANG   —   Friday, February 27

Capping off the final home meet of its Andover career, Andover Boys Swimming’s Seniors received roses and congratulations before triumphing over their Phillips Exeter Academy rivals in a thrilling 108-78 victory.


“Twelfth Night” Preview: Disguises, Dances and Forged Letters in a 1920s Nightclub

By KALINA KO   —   Friday, February 27

With slow, somber steps, Jack Twomey ’17, Dakoury Godo-Solo ’17 and Erica Nork ’16 entered the stage in Steinbach.

Theater Production Exposes Tragic Lives of Famed Poets

By SARAH AL-MAYAHI   —   Friday, February 27

“We’ve just witnessed an astonishing improvisation between two remarkable poets,” says Herbie Rimerman ’17 while playing the role of the host of “Potshots,” a college radio station.

First Annual Comedy Night Fills Tang Theater

By TIFFANY BAUMAN   —   Friday, February 27

Members of Under The Bed (UTB), Andover’s first and only improvisational group, emerged in front of the audience from below the stage in Tang Theater.

Student Bands Revamp Familiar Tunes

By LIDDY KASRAIN   —   Friday, February 27

Led by strong percussion beats, L’Insieme di Martedi Sera ended Gioachino Rossini’s “William Tell Overture.”


Letter to the Editor

By KETON KAKKAR '15, WILL REID '15   —   Thursday, February 26

Letter to the Editor

By TAYLOR CRUTISON '16   —   Thursday, February 26